Hey all,

The Flux Presents is now on hiatus. During this time the publication will undertake a full rebrand, not just the name change (which triggered this in the first place) but also a new look, feel, design and overall purpose of what we do. Our long term aim is to create a solid platform based here in Bristol that will help support and benefit the talented music scene and people we have in this city, through honest, original and engaging content, social media presence, promoting and more. It’s going to take some time but following everyone’s support and backing over the last few weeks we’re 100% certain we can create something that can be a forefront here in Bristol and further beyond across the country as well.

Once again a huge thank you to everyone for following us over the last 4 years, from readers and our contributors to all the artists, venues, labels and promoters we’ve had the honour and pleasure to have featured/worked with. We promise we’ll be back real soon with something that can and will benefit everyone in the long-term.


The Flux Presents